What Steps to Expect

Buying a home entails many steps that can be guided through by an expert Buyer Agent.

1. Needs Assessment

  • Analyze home needs and requirements
  • Discuss market trends

2. Property Selection

  • Use all professional resources to present listed and unlisted homes for review
  • Provide information regarding Coming Soon homes via www.martihampton.com
  • Conduct new home and new subdivision research

3. Viewing Properties

  • Provide objective information
  • Provide on-site representation for new neighborhoods
  • Conduct pre-sale analysis
  • Keep buyer informed of changing financial markets

4. Negotiating

  • Prepare market CMA for homes of interest
  • Develop a buyer’s strategy for presentation success
  • Maintain confidentiality of buyer’s information
  • Suggest protective contract clauses
  • Offer Same as Cash qualification from our preferred lender

5. Follow-Through

  • Provide Professional Closing Team and players list
  • Recommend best inspectors
  • Define property encumbrances
  • Provide list of home service providers
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