Genius Investment Guide

I love what Dave Ramsey said, “Buy a home in today’s Buyer’s Market, and look like a genius 5 years from now!” I believe that a home is a high qualify, safe investment with benefits of immediate enjoyment. 
7 Ways to Get The Most Value for your Next Home Purchase
1. Research and learn the ‘lay of the market’.
2. Hire the best agent and team to discuss growth patterns, school  trends, and market perception.  Contact Nunna Realty, the true negotiator.
3. Learn the top appreciation neighborhoods in your price range.
4. Study the foreclosure and short sale market without prejudice ‘against’ or ‘for’ the allurement of a ‘deal of the century’ attraction. 
5. Be realistic on location. Unless you can truly work from home, you won’t like the home if it’s a hour and half commute, no matter how much it ‘speaks’ to you emotionally.
6. Expand your horizons. You may know what you like, but we rarely get ‘all’ we like in our first few homes. Better to seek the investment side of home buying first. Remember the term “delayed gratification” is rarely used but often wise when buying a home.
7. Remember to discuss the ‘downside’ to each home you consider. It is easy to ‘fall in love’ with a home. Did you ‘fall in love’ with your mate before marriage and find out they ‘snored’ afterwards? See my point?  This is where the top agent can tell you what the next buyer will be complaining about.
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